September 11, 2011


Has it really been 10 years? I can hardly believe it. I vividly remember that day ten years ago that it can't possibly have been that long.
I always remember when I was younger and my mom would recount every moment of the day JFK was assassinated. She always mentioned that even though she was only in elementary school, she would always vividly remember that day. I guess 9-11 is our generation's JFK.

I was a sophomore in college. My roommate religiously watched the Today show when she got up & ready. So, as I was getting ready to walk out the door for class, she told me something had happened. A plane crashed into a building in NYC. At that point, it was still too early to know anything. There was no new news, they just continuously showed the footage over and over. Myself and a lot of people thought it was just a freak accident at first...then the second plane. I started to get a little scared knowing this couldn't have just randomly happened twice. I had to get to class, but walked there in a sort of stupor.

I got to chemistry and we tried to go about our class. Being a Christian college, I remember our professor praying for the events that had occurred. Then, in the middle of lecture, the assistant came into the room, spoke quietly into my prof's ear, and walked out. She sat there in silence for a moment, then tearfully explained that the Pentagon had just been hit. She dismissed class.

I went to the student center where they had set up a TV in the foyer and people gathered around. We stood there and watched while we waited for our next class. For the rest of the day, there was a sense of fear on campus. When talks of terrorism began, we all worried about where we were. We were in south eastern KY, near Ft. Knox, an armory carrying many military weapons. Would it be attacked? What if they start attacking all over the country? What if we face nuclear terrorism? What will we do? When talk of fighting back began, we all worried about our friends and boyfriends as there was rumor of a draft being instated. Our minds ran wild with fear.

The rest of the day, our classes either didn't meet, or only met for a few moments while we prayed. We didn't know what else to do. I, like everyone else in the country, spent a lot of time in front of the t.v. waiting for any new information. My heart broke at the horrific things that unfolded, yet was proud at the way I watched our country be there for  one another. It was amazing really. When tragedy struck, we could have all been on the defense, letting fear and chaos rule. Instead, I heard stories of Americans giving what they had off their backs, helping strangers, and comforting one another. It really was a beautiful time, arising from such tragedy.

I pray that our country never knows another day like that. I pray too, that we always remember how we came together. We really got to see what God intended humans to be. A loving, compassionate, caring community. I pray for those who lost someone dear to them that day, that they will be comforted today. I am thankful for those workers who put their lives on the line that day, and always, to keep our country safe. And I thank God that even though we cannot put our trust and hope in this world, we can put our hope and trust in Him.
20 We put our hope in the Lord.
      He is our help and our shield.
 21 In him our hearts rejoice,
      for we trust in his holy name.
 22 Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord,
      for our hope is in you alone.
Psalm 33


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