October 13, 2011


Everybody has weird quirks, but that's what makes them- Them! So, I thought I would share a one of those things about me.

I mentioned here that I have a thing with all the states. I'll lay it out:

I have a slight obsession with traveling to all 50 states. 

I have traveled a bit in my life, and lived across the country, so I have visited quite a few. 31 to be exact. But here are the places on my list I still need to go (that's right, I actually keep a list. Don't judge):

North Dakota
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

It's quite sad because with everywhere I've lived, many of these states still on the list are SO close, but I just didn't quite make it. And, I even have extended family in some of these states! No excuse!

I'm always looking for a reason to go somewhere new. I even come up with plans to drive a new route when we're taking road trips so I can visit some new places.
I'm ridiculous.
I will even admit that I have gotten mad in the past when my close family & friends have gone to one of these places & they didn't take me along! hahaha

I've never thought about what I'll do when I reach this goal. What will be my new obsession???
Maybe I will start trying to go to as many new places in those states, or perhaps do more traveling in other countries. Other than Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas I haven't really been anywhere out of the country.

Have any of you lived in or done any traveling in any of these states? What are the best cities/places to go? Maybe I can talk the hubs into hitting one of them before the year is over! (fingers crossed!)

I want to thank the following blogs who were my top referring sites this past month, give them a visit, they are some really great blogs!

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