August 20, 2011

Bacon Tomato Dip

HEY! Sorry you haven't seen much of me the last few days. I have been inundated with school work (remind me why I went back after being out of college for 7 years?!). I have a big portfolio due Monday & a very important interview Tuesday with the Dean of Education. (Yikes! I'm so nervous it's like I'm meeting Oprah or something!)
So, I thought I'd post a totally rad recipe real quick, and then I'll be back when the dust settles in a few days.

I got this recipe from my Aunt Michele (Hi Michele! Was I not supposed to share this with the world? Sorry!). I have no idea where she got it from, so I'm just going to call it a family recipe (you can call it a family recipe too- you're in a family, it's a recipe, bam.)
It is ah-mazing. I take it to functions all the time, in fact that's why I made it yesterday. I was going to a friends house for a Willow house party. Fun times!

It is so simple, you won't even believe it. Here we go:

1 C Mayo
1C sour cream
1 C chopped tomatoes (although, I usually add at least half a cup more)
3 oz. package of REAL bacon bits (not the crunchy salad topper kind)

See? I told you! Easy! 4 ingredients.

This recipe is so easy and quick, it doesn't really need pictures, but I took 'em anyway, so here ya go.

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl:
Now let me stop here and tell you, this picture kind of grosses me out. I do not like sour cream (yuck) and I do not like mayo (double yuck), but I love this dip. I can't explain it! I've had other people tell me the same thing. So even if you aren't sure, just TRY it!

Chop up your tomatoes. Oh, and you don't have to use the little romas, you can use a regular size tomato, cherry tomatoes, whatever. As long as it's a tomato. I just so happened to have a bunch of these little babies thanks to my friend Jen (thanks Jen!!).
(This is only about a cup of the tomatoes, I was getting too impatient to cut them all up before I took the picture)
Oh, and yes, I put in seeds and all. You don't even notice them when you're eating the dip. So I don't waste my time picking out seeds.

Then, put in your tomatoes and stir the whole thing up!

Sometimes I like to add a little tomato & bacon garnish to the top. That way, if you're taking it to a party, people get an idea of what is in it.

Ready for the last step? Well, eating it would be the last step, so ready for the second to last step?
Cut up some of these:

You can serve this with crackers or whatever, but I really love this dip with plain bagel pieces. I buy mini plain bagels and just cut them up into fourths or sixths (and if you get the pre-sliced ones, it's even faster!)
Mmm look at that sweet iced tea in the background, that makes me want some, I'll be back...

Ok, I'm back! So that's it people! After the dip has refrigerated for a little while, I just put the dip and bagels in my chip & dip platter, and it's ready to go! (The longer the dip refrigerates, the better it tastes, but I only had 3 hours for it to schmeld together, and it still tasted great! And guess what? Between the party goers, my husband and I, it's gone. It doesn't last long around here.

Now you may be thinking, "it doesn't look that appetizing Andrea." And I would kind of agree. I know that Gordon Ramsay and the other Master Chef judges would yell at me for presentation, but I don't care. Cause it tastes DELICIOUS!
I took this dip to a derby party last year, and the hostess told me she didn't think she would like it cause it looked weird. But once she did, she was addicted! She emailed me a few days later asking for the recipe. (Thanks for believing in me Mary! haha)

Alright, go. Get to making it. I'm going to get back to this portfolio. You can think of me as you are shoving this down your gullet, cause I'll probably still be sitting here on my couch, going cross eyed in front of this computer, pulling my hair out, asking myself why I went back to school, and trying to remind myself that it will be worth it in the end.  :)

Love ya!


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