August 11, 2011

What's in a name

I have this thing...well I have a lot of things.
Like my thing about all 50 states you may have read in my profile- I'll tell you all about that sometime. Or my thing about teeth, and mouths, and spit, blech! I get queasy just thinking about it...

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, I have this thing about names having a meaning or a story. For instance, when we named our son, we picked it based on the meaning. We had about 10 girl names picked out and zero boy names when we found was a boy! Doesn't life just work like that sometimes? :)
So, we went home and back to the drawing board. We came across Isaac in an online baby name book. We instantly fell in love the meaning: "he will laugh" so Isaac it was!
                Here's a pic of baby Isaac. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Even our fur baby, Mailey has a story to her name. Not really a meaning, but the story has become meaningful to us, and we love to tell people who ask us about it. This is Mailey, she's my sidekick, my buddy, and I love her to pieces!

And my shop name, The Red Tulip Shoppe, I wanted it to be meaningful. It comes from a combination of meaningful things. Isaac's favorite color was red. Many babies are drawn to this bright color, but Isaac really loved red. In fact, we release red balloons to heaven on his birthdays because of this.
                                This was last year on his first birthday.

I wanted to bring him into it somehow, as following his passing I was inspired in a new creative way, which led to my shoppe. I thought this was the perfect, subtle way to do that.
Tulip- my favorite flower of all time. I think many other flowers are beautiful, but tulips shine above them all. I have no idea how that started, it just is. period. amen.  :)
So yeah, The Red Tulip Shoppe.

And now, this blog, Just down the Hall. I have always made jokes playing off our last name, Hall. For instance, when I was teaching dance, I would say if I ever opened a dance studio, I would name it "Dance Hall". Hahaha I just think it's hilarious.

And people have always joked us that we could never name our children or pets "pool". (Get it? Pool Hall. I know cheesy huh?) :)

So, I thought it would be fun to play off our name. Then one day my dear hubs mentioned something about my craft room being down at the end of the hall in our house.
                                    That was it!
I slept on it, and decided that would be a cute name. After all, that craft room is where I get a lot of my inspiration, it is where I love to spend all my free time. You could say it's where all the magic happens hahaha. And my crafts are a big part of what inspired this blog in the first place!

So, when you read this and see what I've been up to, you can know that it probably happened just down the hall in my craft room. And while many of us are separated by a slew of miles, thanks to technology, we can be just as close as if I were just down the hall!


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