August 11, 2011

House of Fifty

So there's this new E-magazine that I've just fallen for, and I wanted to share it with all of you! (And I'll do anything I can to keep from doing this looming homework that's staring me down on the couch next to me.) It's great! I was up until 3 this morning looking though it because I could not put it down! (That and I'd had a bit too much caffeine yesterday.)

It's called House of Fifty. It is full of inspiring home designs, and wonderful pictures. I just stare at each page for minutes on end taking in every aspect of each featured room or project. If you love interior design, beautiful things for the home, fashion or design of any kind, you will love it! The best part- it's totally FREE!

It's written by both professional designers and regular ol' Sally-schmos who just love beautiful things, and making their lives inspiring and beautiful. You should check it out! Beware though, you might need a few hours to savor each and every beautiful page. So grab yourself a treat and a glass of wine & be whisked away to beautiful places that will take you away from the piles of laundry and homework that plague me...I mean you! :)

*Click here to go to their website so you can catch up on last season's issue. It was a beauty as well!


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